D&S is a full-service business immigration law firm specializing in partnering with clients to identify and develop immigration solutions. D&S provides each client with high-level, attorney driven representation allowing us to provide sophisticated, individualized legal advice. With an emphasis on exceptional client service, accountability, and communication, we are able to understand each client’s needs and customize an immigration solution to help meet them. The Firm’s partners have over 20 years of business and family immigration experience working at the world’s largest business immigration law firm, and have cultivated that experience to provide entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to mid-sized businesses with exceptional legal service.


Located in the Hub of Start-Up, Creative, and Tech Businesses 

Our offices are located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home to some of the world’s most successful, innovative, and creative start-ups and small businesses. Our location also provides us access to all of New York City’s myriad resources and we also maintain meeting space in Manhattan.


Ability to Service Clients Throughout the World

Located in New York City and with strategic partnerships throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, D&S offers comprehensive, global immigration solutions. By providing electronic document transfers, in-person, telephone, and Skype consultations, and direct access to the attorney handling your case, D&S is able to service clients requiring U.S. immigration services anywhere in the world.