Impact of Potential Government Shutdown on U.S. Immigration Services

Following the passage of several continuing resolutions, Congress now has until midnight tonight (January 19, 2018) to pass a spending bill or another continuing resolution to keep the Federal government funded.  If Congress is not able to come to an agreement this would result in a government shutdown that would impact several government agencies responsible for administering parts of various immigration and visa programs.  While the situation continues to develop, we outline below the impact of a government shutdown on the various Federal immigration functions should Congress fail to take action prior to the deadline:

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Senate Approves Five-Day Funding Measure to Prevent Government Shutdown at Midnight

On December 10, 2015, the Senate unanimously approved a five-day funding measure to prevent a government shutdown at midnight tonight.  This extension is in addition to the Temporary Spending Measures passed by Congress on September 30, 2015 to prevent a government shutdown starting October 1, 2015.  If passed, the extension would give Congress until December 16, 2015 to pass a comprehensive $1.1 trillion spending package.

According to numerous reports, today the House is expected to vote on and pass the measure and President Obama is expected to sign the short-term continuing resolution into law, thus avoiding the shutdown at midnight. Once passed, the short-term continuing resolution will also extend EB-5, Conrad 30, Special Religious Workers, and E-Verify for five additional days. Several experts have indicated that Congress is close to passing the omnibus federal spending bill.

D&S will continue to monitor this developing situation and provide timely updates.